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Ben van Daal (1991) started to play keyboard at the age of eleven, but soon he found out he was more interested in playing the piano and started his first lessons with pianist Rolf Prejean. Starting from 2008 he continued his piano studies with organist Jean-Pierre Steijvers, where he developed a great interest in the romantic Russian repertoire. By playing this repertoire he won several prizes, including 1st prize in 2012’s Prix Dominique, Venlo, and 2nd prize in 2014’s Piano3Daagse, Rotterdam, and reached the ¼ - finals of 2014’s 'International Competition for Outstanding Piano Amateurs' (Paris). In the same year he also studied with André Gallo, Vincenzo Maltempo and Alessandro Marino at Imola Piano Academy, Eindhoven. Since 2017 Ben has studied with Jelena Bazova at Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Tilburg. 

Because of his broad interest in music, he has played all sorts of genres in various formations, from pop music to jazz, classical music to improvisation, from pop bands to big bands to music theater. Next to playing solo, Ben accompanies several soloists and choirs.

Ben van daal


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