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After having the same look for a while it's time for a brand new website. Not only with a nice new look, but als with new features, such as a webshop. Although at this point it's still empty, be sure to check it out in the future. If you'd like to receive updates on upcoming concerts and other exciting news, it's now possible to subscribe to a newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

Current projects

|    Mr. Robert

Mr. Robert, a brand new symphonic pop- ensemble, consists of Rob Reyners (vocals/keys), Stan Beckers (percussion/keys) and Ben van Daal (keys), three friends who have known each other for close to twenty years. With intriguing arrangements, full of strings, brass and lots of vocals, each of their songs displays their unique sound, in both covers and original material.  Recently, their first songs have been released on Spotify.

In 2023/2024 Mr. Robert will play a series of house concerts. For additional concerts, be sure to check my agenda or

Upcoming Events

02/03/2024 Kamerkoor Kalliope - 'Passietijd', Groesbeek

Concert at 16:00

Historische Kerk
Kerkstraat 18
6561CC Groesbeek

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02/03/2024 Mr. Robert - Huiskamerconcert, Weert

Concert at 20:00


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09/03/2024 Con Amore + Meulezengers - Voorjaarsconcert

Concert at 19:30

D'n Binger, Meijel

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10/03/2024 Home concert (private)

10/03/2024 Mr. Robert - Huiskamerconcert (private)

For more events, check the agenda